Emma Cooper Impromptu Show and Art Installation

Emma Cooper for AMP Show March 2015 - effectedTHIS is gonna be a swell show.   Following the “regular” Friday evening session of Drum Octogon which starts at 7pm, we’ll swoon to the tunes of Emma Cooper!

Also, this Friday the 6th of March we’ll be unveiling some fresh photography, film photography and photo collages like these from CalliAnne Blau:

Calli Photo for AMP march 15 - 1

And here is CalliAnne in the middle of hanging her art with Thaddeus Hink’s large photographs from February AMP shows behind her:

Calli Photo for AMP march 15 - 2

Glad to have the film photos of Desi Valdez (featuring his Show Chime Feb 2015 photograph). Here’s Desi with his landlord, Janet Lucek, who helped him hang his beautiful stills of moments just begging to tell their stories.

Desi and Janet Lucek for AMP art show March 15